Neanderthal Tools

Building a VR simulation titled Neanderthal Tools with Unity XR, while following archaeological research to represent Neanderthal tool making legacy.

Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey

Process related and technical challenges, takeaways that I learned while working on a game with a large team of students in the DADIU programme.

Sandstone - part 3

In this last post, I talk about issues I've faced with baked and real-time lighting.

Sandstone - part 2

In this post, I go into some details of Unity project setup with VR, library choices and few other technical details.

Dry pancakes

Recipe to make dry pancakes which go nicely with tea.

Sandstone - part 1

VR game development is fun and easy with Unity. In this post I talk about my experiences in creating my first VR game called Sandstone.

Music and work

Music helps keeping the flow of ideas during work. In this post I talk about how I came to specific music genres, artists and why they're interesting.

Hello World

First post where I briefly talk about how I came to building this website. I compare and talk about few static website creation tools.